To contact us here at the farm, we recommend bird calls, as they seem to be one of our favorite ways of communicating. Just kidding, well not really, but we’re now on board with modern communication as well:

You can email us at countrysidefarmproducts@gmail.com, or us the following form.

Find us on Facebook Here. (Name: Countryside Family Farm), or

Follow us on Twitter Here, or

Perhaps chat specifics with Sebastien over the phone, at 512-363-2310.
If you’d like to place an order, we recommend email, as our phone reception out here in the country leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, paper trails make life a little easier, at least out here, or in this instance. It’s hard to stand in a pigpen 2 acres from the house & office, staring down a big beautiful, and highly intelligent, pig that is three times your size, while carrying on a phone conversation, and keep a pen and paper on you to jot down some necessary info all at the same time. We mean, it’s been done, but we’re just saying it’s not so easy.

You can find us at the Downtown Austin, Sunset Valley, Cedar Park, and Hope (East Austin) Markets on the weekends.

Or leave it to the well trained chefs, and find our meats and products in the Austin and Houston area at the following restaurants: Qui, Barleyswine, Uchi, Uchiko, Contigo, La Condesa, Odd Duck, Justine’s, Cippolina, Springdale Farms, Eastside Showroom, Le Noir, Noble Pig, Hotel St. Cecilia, Lambert’s, Wink, Hillside Farmacy, W Hotel, Dai Due, Cafe Josie, Escoffier Cooking School, Hyatt – Lost Pines, Jack Allen Kitchen, Jeffrey’s, Underbelly, Sparrow, and growing! We’re very lucky for our local support.

Interested in joining our weekly email newsletter to learn more about what’s on the butcher block, which products will show up at the markets, and fun day-to-day interactions on the farm?Then please click here, which links to our newsletter sign-up.

Now, a little more about us…

Sebastien Bonneu was born and raised in the countryside near Bordeaux, France. He was lucky enough to be brought up by, not one, but two French chefs on a sustainable farm. It’s no surprise that he, too, became a lover and connoisseur of great food as well as a chef. After honing his culinary skills overseas and finding success in the pastry world, he jumped across the pond and landed in McAllen, TX.

Once here he met Esther Alvarez-Hill, his future wife. She grew up on a farm in Mexico before moving to McAllen, when she was eight years old. Both of them had instilled in them from a young age a fierce love for agriculture; plant and animal. Their shared love for high quality gourmet food brought them to Austin, Texas.

Even though he was working in fine dining restaurants throughout the city, Sebastien noticed a deficiency in the quality and consistency of meat products passing through kitchens. He wanted more. He wanted better. So, he turned to his wife, Esther, and told her, “If you want something done right and you’re stubborn enough, you do it yourself.”

Right then and there, they decided to go back to their roots and start their own farm in order to produce the meats that were up to his high standards. Founded in 2007, our farm believes in traditional practices that produce full-flavored meats, utilizing each animal to its fullest, from nose to tail. We are extremely happy with how home grown animals really are the best.

A wonderful addition to our family were our two beautiful children; Margaux 7yrs old and Benjamin 4yrs old. They were the truffle on our foie gras.

On the farm we started with chicken, then duck and guinea hens, expanding to geese, then rabbit, finally to our first pig, we felt complete. That pig was turned into a whole lot of bacon. That bacon turned into COUNTRYSIDE FARM. We then naturally progressed from just raising and butchering high quality meats to processing them further using traditional natural methods to produce a high quality gourmet charcuterie line.